About Rose Street House of Music

Rose Street House of Music is a Berkeley-based volunteer-run and volunteer-hosted house concert & touring musical community featuring women singer-songwriters. Women songwriters who "sing outside the box" and who have something to say are often marginalized by the music industry; Rose Street's focus is on connecting in community for women's voices to be heard through poetic music of substance and depth. In addition to house concerts and collaborative events throughout the community, Rose Street has birthed 2 compilations and over 30 musical tours.


Rose Street is volunteer-run, a labor of love. It is a non-profit project of IMA (Institute for Musical Arts). New volunteers are always welcome! All genders are welcome as audiences, volunteers, and musical backup support for the artists we feature.

"Rivkin, who performs her own breathtaking act as a "live one-woman choir" (using digital looping technology to astonishing effect), said house concerts offer artists "a venue to connect with the audience where there's not so much of a separation between the audience and the performer. For me, music is a lot about connection."" Michael Dougan, SF Chronicle


In Rose Street Harmony Tours, Rose Street founder/songwriter/live-looping-artist Irina Rivkin takes the magic of Rose Street on the road, often joining with other Rose Street artists, performing both solo and in collaboration. For info on hosting a Rose Street Music event or a Rose Street Harmony tour concert at your home, festival, school, back-yard, community center, or other venue, please visit our Host an Event page.


The newest branch of Rose Street, "Rise Up and Dance," brings together the music and the dance community for live music concerts/dances, raising funds for community college educational programs.


To see/hear an example of a live-looping performance (rhythms/harmonies all performed live-on-the-spot), please visit http://www.irinarivkin.com